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Past Projects

Here are some pics of our past projects to date!


February 2024

Dr Von D Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

Here alongside the Atlantic Ocean at Dr Von D Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park we rebuilt their marina boardwalk, built a fence, anchored, rust treated/protected and painted 51 picnic tables, built 21 new wood picnic tables, painted a building, replaced beach warning flag posts, and added turtle nesting area posts. It was amazing!



October 2023

Utahraptor State Park

In the colorful state of Utah we cleared a 3000 foot trail then laid gravel, leveled, packed and shaped it to surround a World War II Japanese American internment camp. Then we built seven ADA compliant bench and shade shelters the were place around the trail. Last but not least we painted vault toilets. It was all manual labor but we got it done!


September 2023

State Forest State Park

At almost 10,000 feet in the mountains we build this incredible park a 15 site campground including level and gravel RV and tent pads.  We also demoed two cabins, built six tent pads and steps at their Crags Campground, deep cleaned 14 cabins and stained 10 cabins. It was awesome!


North Dakota

August 2023

Icelandic State Park

At this gorgeous and lush state park in the northeast corner of North Dakota we re-sided and replaced multiple windows in their Akra Hall, stained and landscaped the Heritage Center, cleared and widened trails, and power washed and stained multiple structures.


June 2023


At this historical and educational farm in Waseca, MN, we completed 9 large projects. We removed siding from the blacksmith shop, repaired and replaced the shiplap and replaced siding. We also did structural repairs to the Agrihall, pressure washed scraped, prepped and painted 5 buildings and rebuilt one fence and repaired and painted an additional fence.



May 2023


We returned to this amazing bird rescue sanctuary for the third time in May 2023. We built an 80x80 parking area for RV's, resurfaced the eagle flights, built hundreds of feet of new fence, epoxied the basement floor, hung what seemed like miles of green screen, built an enclosed shelter inside the scavenger mew, and painted, cleaned and cleared a dozen other items!


April 2023

Chippokes State Park

At this gorgeous state park right on the James River, we knocked 11 things off their to do list. We resided a barn, built a new horse corral, replaced 200 feet of pasture fence, painting 4 buildings at their Farm & Forestry museum, leveled and resurfaced 18 campsites just to name a few things that we did!



Feb and March 2023

Highlands Hammock and Little Manatee River State Park

To start off our 2023 season we went back to where it all started, Florida. This is a great winter state to do some good in and both of these state parks needed it due to Hurricane Ian. At Highlands Hammock we repaired and replaced 433 boards on two of their boardwalks, built a couple of fences, cleared and widened trails and about a dozen other things. 

At Little Manatee River we knocked off 20 things from their list! We cleared a fire break that was badly damaged by the hurricane. We built an amphitheater, cleared miles of trails, rebuilt a bridge, repaired a pavilion, power washed and painted 4 buildings and a whole lot more!


November 2022

Living History Farms Museum

We had a great time at this incredible museum in Urbandale, IA and we got a ton of work done for them. We painted 5 large buildings, emptied and cleaned their implement dealer, put together a John Deere simulator, cut down dead trees, split wood, cleared a trail for their upcoming fundraising 5 mile race and much more.



October 2022

Mark Twain State Park

Here in Florida, Missouri we spent 2 weeks working to get many items knocked off this small staff's list of improvements. We started with building a deck and a privacy fence for one of the park residences. Then we reroofed the nature center and a fish cleaning station, built a deer blind, painted guard rails, vault toilets, a memorial shrine (that happened to house Mark Twain's place of birth inside) and a scenic overlook. At the end we completed 21 items!


August 2022

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

At this incredible primate rescue we built 12 exterior and 15 interior habitats including heat caves, runways, feeder boxes, and monkeys toys like barrel swings, rope ladders and hammocks. This is an incredible non profit that houses 250 monkeys and always needs volunteers. If you're ever in the Gainesville FL area please stop by and give them a helping hand!



June 2022

Hillsdale and Prairie State Park

At this project we worked at 2 parks, Hillsdale State Park in Paola and Prairie Center in Olathe. With 25 people we put in 1286 hours. At Hillsdale State Park we reroofed 4 shelters, laid 480 tons which is 960,000 pounds of gravel on the 1.25 mile trail, and built 28 picnic tables.
At Prairie Center we rebuilt the fishing dock, demoed an elevated platform, built 525 feet of split rail fence, put up 2 kiosks, painted a chicken coup, brooder house and 5 rooms in the old 1920 farmhouse.


May 2022

Pioneer Village Museum

At this historical treasure we repaired and painted the roof wagon, completely remade the Pioneer Village sign, built a new roof for the almost 150 year old steam powered carousel, painted the Livery Stable and locomotive tender, refreshed the entire campground, and several other odds and ends.

1F213DD4-1CF5-4829-A0C4-B31CD7BE99DF 2.JPG


April 2022

Grand Haven State Park

At this amazing state park right on the edge of Lake Michigan we put in over 1300 hours. We re-shingled a roof, built a gazebo, laid and finished 6 concrete pads, cleaned, sanded and stained 75 picnic tables, installed sway swings, repaired structures and painted just about everything!


March 2022

Sam Houston Jones State Park

This park had been hit hard by Hurricane Laura in August 2020. We came in and built a 500' x 12' riverside boardwalk, a gorgeous fence at the front entrance and 4 new tent camping pads. We cut, cleared and dragged an almost 2 mile trail, painted an office, cleaned up miles of debris, ground hundreds of tree stumps and about a dozen other things to help get this park re-opened!



February 2022

Jackson County's Otto W Flurry Park

At this hidden little gem of a park in the Daisy Vestry Community we built a pavilion, a 1 mile trail with a bridge and painted and installed 14 directional signs. We set and laid sidewalks, built a portolet enclosure, repaired and painted the playground, powerwashed, sanded and stained 41 picnic tables and about a dozen other items as well!


October 2021

Picacho Peak State Park

At this beautiful desert park we painted 36 ramadas, 242 posts, 85 pedestals, demoed a bridge, painted a bridge, stuccoed 6 light pedestals, painted 3 huge water tanks, did a whole lot of landscaping and more!



September 2021

Lake Healdton Municipal Park

At this charming city park we remodeled bathrooms, painted a pavilion, cut and cleared a trail, built a disc golf course and made and painted 64 signs!


August 2021

Raptor Education Group

At the Raptor Education Group Inc (REGI) in Antigo, WI we spent 10 days, put in 1910 man hours with 41 volunteers, and gave this place a makeover. We built a 6 compartment passerine enclosure, painted 7 buildings, 33 signs, planted 160 flowers and one storage shed. This place is magical!



June 2021

Victoria Springs State Rec Area

2021 is Nebraska State Parks 100th Anniversary so to help them get ready for the big birthday bash we renovated this entire park. We removed brush, painted the office, re-roofed and painted the bathhouse, rebuilt the work shed, built ADA railings around the fishing pier, painted the entire playground, built a bridge and landscaped multiple areas of the park.


May 2021

Sinks Canyon State Park

At this beautiful park we built and cleared a trail, filled and leveled tent sites, cleaned and stained the visitor center, built a fence and about 10 other things!

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 3.15.25 PM.png


April 2021

Bannack State Park

At this incredible historic ghost town we replaced 1000 linear feet of boardwalk, cleaned 35 buildings, removed graffiti from 10 buildings, repaired the porch and roof of Ovitt's store and replaced the steps of the hotel.


Feb/Mar 2021

Fall Creek Falls, Paris Landing and David Crockett Birthplace

Tennessee is the Volunteer State so we decided to do 3 park projects here!  We built bridges, cleared trails and painted buildings at Fall Creek Falls. At Paris Landing we renovated an entire group camp that was previously used as a Girl Scout Camp. Last but not least at David Crockett Birthplace we built an amphitheater, bridge, fence, and a trail, cleared the river bank, landscaped the entrance sign, and made 88 signs!

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 3.26.11 PM.png


Jan 2021

Stephen C Foster State Park

At this beautiful park in the middle of the Okafenokee Swamp we made many repairs to the Eco-Lodge, painted buildings, built walls, built camphost sites, wired bathrooms for heaters, striped the parking lot, and many other much needed maintenance items!

South Carolina

October 2020

Wild Hearts Equine Therapy Center

We came here to do 3 main things. 1) Move pasture and property line fences. 2) Clear and beautify the meditation trail. 3) Build the sensory trail. We did those things but we also, built a new 80x60 arena and mounting station, put siding on 3 horse stalls, painted the tool shed, painted the exterior of the office, insulated, hung bead board on ceiling and walls, tiled floors and painted the interior of the office, built 7 pasture and pen fences, built and installed new barn doors, Built 3 one-hundred pound wooden benches, roofed and sided the hay barn, stained the original arena and stained most of the existing fences.

image0 (1).jpeg


August 2020

Versailles State Park

This project was epic! We built an almost 2000sf scenic overlook observation deck.  If that weren't enough, we re-floored a mess hall, built a gravel trail, painted the exterior of 2 large buildings, painted the interior of 2 cabins and a few other odds and ends. We did it all in 19 days, with 26 volunteers and put in over 1500 man hours.

South Dakota

July 2020

Custer and Palisades State Parks

At Custer State Park we painted the bison corrals for their annual bison round up.  Then we moved to Palisades State Park where we cleared, widened and resurfaced the South Wall Trail.



May/June 2020

Bucks Pocket State Park

This park had been closed in 2015 for budget reasons and was getting reopened on June 15, 2020. Here we had 29 volunteers join us who put in a total of 3200 hours, over 40 days. We remodeled the Campground Office, created the buck's head entrance emblem, cleared trails, built 7 tent camping sites and 4 primitive sites, painted the maintenance and storage shed, restored and painted the playground and cleared flood debris. This park was the heart and soul of this community and all were thrilled to see it reopened.


April 2020

Joe Wheeler State Park

We helped get this park re-opened!  They were supposed to be closed until 2021 but after we completed several projects, they decided to open on Memorial Day weekend 2020! Here we remodeled the campground store, built and installed bridges, painted, cleaned, drywalled, and a whole lot more!

image0 (1).jpeg


March 2020

Coastal Oaks Church

This area was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.  The Coastal Oaks Church had a building that was damaged and needed to be demoed. They needed to save money on the demo so they could apply it to the reconstruction, and A Year To Volunteer came in for 12 days with 11 volunteers and got the job done!


February 2020

Florida Caverns State Park 

The Florida Caverns were devastated by Hurricane Michael in Oct 2018. 9 out of 10 trees were destroyed. This campground had been closed for 16 months. Here we built a boyscout shower, tamped RV pads, built horse and tent pads, removed fences, debris and much much more!

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