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A Year to Volunteer!

We are an RV centric volunteer organization that rallies together volunteers from all over the country to help improve parks and other community benefiting programs. We plan to visit and volunteer in each state and volunteer for a total of at least 365 days! We don’t limit our projects to just RVers though, we encourage folks in the area or those jus passing through to join in with us as well!

How did Y2V get started? Phil retired from the Navy after a 36 year career. Shar retired from Insurance and Finance. In our retirement we  knew we wanted to travel, but wanted to do it with purpose. One day Shar said, “Let’s take a year to volunteer,” and the A Year to Volunteer project was born.

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344 work days

34,715 volunteer hours

18 states/28 projects

GOAL: fifty365

So far we've completed projects in Florida(2), Texas, Alabama(2), South Dakota(2), Indiana(3), South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee(4), Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska(2), Wisconsin(2), Oklahoma, Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, Michigan and Kansas. Next Stop, Missouri!


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